Galilei - the OpenSource metasearch tool
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What is Galilei?

Galilei is an OpenSource GNOME based implementation of the functionalities of the win32 software called Copernic.
It is a metasearch tool, you can define your search criterias and then Galilei searches most of the common search engines of the web.
You can also search in usenet archives and for email addresses.

I was playing with GAL (the Gnome Application Library) and I've found it an interesting tool, so I've decided to develop something with it. And it became Galilei.

Galilei is based on GNOME and GAL. It implements the search engines through GLIB's gmodule interface, so it can be extended easily by writing new plugins for the currently unsupported engines.
What search engines are supported?

The following search engines are available in 3 categories:
Web: alltheweb, compuserve, excite, hotbot, mamma, origo, altavista, directhit, findwhat, looksmart, msn, overture, aol, dmoz, google, lycos, netscape, yahoo
Newsgroups: google news
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